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Likeland is the first Pop-up Instagram Museum of the South of Holland. In Likeland you yourself take the best photos and videos using our over-the-top cheerful decors. Be creative, play with the space and fill up your social media accounts with the most likeable version of yourself!

Everyone is welcome in Likeland. We want to give all Likelanders a chance to get the best out of their visit. We therefore ask that our youngest visitors don’t play freely in the spaces. Children up to 12 years old have to be accompanied by an adult.

A good mood, your creativity and everything you need to take your perfect picture. All other belongings have to be stored in a locker.

A time slot lasts 2 hours. After that we ask you to make space for new visitors, so we can guarantee them the 1.5 meter distance to others as well.

Strollers cannot enter. We have created a special parking space in the central hall. 😉 However, we are not responsible for damage, theft and / or loss of personal belongings.

Your visit will be extra special when you capture your talent by a professional photographer. We love to take care of that for you. More information is available through Evelien Emonds. She can be reached at +316 – 46 390 244 or via

It sure is! Small gatherings or large events, we love to make it possible! If you are planning to visit us with a group larger than 10 people or would you like to rent out (a part of) Likeland, please contact us on Please note that we follow the latest COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.

Free lockers are available upon entry. All belongings that you don’t need to take your perfect picture have to be stored in a locker.

Follow our social media accounts to stay updated on Likeland, our special events, workshops and more!

  • Be creative, be playful and have fun! Play the lead in your own story!
  • All belongings that you don’t need for your perfect pictures have to be stored in a locker.
  • Only take pictures of the people who give you permission to do so.
  • Give your fellow instalovers their time to shine. Choose a different spot when it’s busy.
  • Make use of all the decors but treat them with love.
  • Rock your socks! Shoes off in the ball pit!
  • Leave your phone’s sound on. You’ll be able to find it if you drop it in the ball pit.
  • (Semi) professional and commercial recordings must be registered in advance.
  • Eating and drinking is only permitted in the designated areas.
  • Please follow the instructions of our staff at all times.
  • By entering Likeland you agree with our terms and conditions.
    Check  terms & conditions
  • Be kind to each other and to our spaces.
  • Have fun and tag us! #likeland

You have 2 hours to use all sets and to switch spaces whenever you want. Always take the 1.5 meter distance into account. Give other visitors their moment to shine just like you do.

We leggen hier geen beperkingen op, tenzij je een rails wilt leggen voor een dolly (camera op wielen), dan moeten we het vooraf weten. Muziek-, video-, (semi)professionele- en commerciële opnames kunnen tegen betaling plaatsvinden. Opnames moeten vooraf worden aangemeld via Teams zonder vooraf aangevraagde toestemming en registratie krijgen geen toegang tot Likeland. Als je niet in bezit bent van professionele apparatuur, maar daar wel gebruik van wenst te maken dan kun je een aanvraag doen via of direct bij ons een professionele fotograaf huren.

The easiest way to reach Likeland is by car. The address is Ekkersweijer 7, 5681 RZ in Best. Check Google Maps for the most accurate route by car, public transport or by bike. Go to visit us for more information

You sure can! You can go all out! Don’t forget to mention us in your socials! #likeland and and be a real influencer in no time. Planning to go all out? There are no limitations on what equipment you bring, unless you need a rail for a dolly (camera on wheels). In that case we need to know in advance. Professional, semi-professional and commercial video and music recordings are permitted, however, a fee and upfront registration is required through Teams without prior permission and registration will not be able to access Likeland. Mail your request to

Yes, it is mandatory to wear a face mask for visitors older than 13 years. However, you may briefly remove the face mask during the photo moments to take the photo. When you walk to the next photo opportunity, you must immediately put the face mask back on.

We follow the latest COVID-19 regulations and guidelines. We allow a limited number of visitors per time slot to guarantee the rules regarding COVID-19. Keeping a 1,5 meter distance to others is mandatory. When booking tickets, the system will indicate if there is enough space or if the limited number of visitors has been reached. Check whether your party complies with these rules before booking your tickets.

The maximum of a group at the moment is 4 people. Children up to and including 12 years of age are not included in this maximum and there is an exception for people who live at 1 address.

There are a number of accessible decors, but height differences and unpaved surfaces are also used inside Likeland. We are more than willing to discuss whether we can make a visit possible for you. You can reach us via

Please check our FAQ page. Still not sure? Email us at with your question and contact details. We’ll get back to you asap (during office hours). met jouw vraag en contactgegevens dan nemen we zo snel mogelijk contact met je op (tijdens kantooruren).

Tickets and my reservation

No, tickets are only available online up until 15 minutes before the start of a new time slot.

We do this in connection to the COVID-19 rules to limit queues and to monitor the number of visitors present in Likeland. For that same reason we ask you to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the time of your reservation.

No, tickets can be scanned from your mobile phone. It will save a lot of trees!! You can also print your ticket, but we do expect you to fold us an origami swam in return.

A time slot lasts 2 hours. After that we ask you to make space for new visitors, so we can guarantee them the 1.5 meter distance to others as well.

We comply with the AVG law. If needed regarding COVID-19 we will use your information to contact you.

We don’t accept the Museum Card

This is only possible if you are having symptoms that are corona related. For this you can send an email to

You will receive an email from us with a code with which you can plan a new date via the ticket shop.

Omdat we vanwege de coronamaatregelen tot 3 maart gesloten zijn, vinden wij dat er niet genoeg tijd overblijft om het model in jou een podium te geven. Daarom hebben we besloten om de einddatum van Pop-up Likeland tot de zomer te verlengen!!

Vanwege de lockdown is Likeland helaas tot nader orde volledig gesloten. Wij zijn echter wel bereikbaar voor het plannen van toekomstige commerciële aanvragen via

Een ticket voor volwassenen kost €19,95. Voor kinderen tot en met 12 jaar kost een ticket €15,95.

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Likeland instagram museum tiktok faq vraag

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Your health is important to us! We will follow a COVID-19 protocol to guarantee all visitors a safe visit to Likeland.